July 4th 2013

On July 4th, 2013 my son Graham Noel was born.

It was a scary and awesome all in one as I never thought I would have children. It was not that I didn’t want to have them. I just didn’t have the drive to try to have them on purpose.

Andrea’s Pregnancy was not the easiest to go through so having Graham not come out to early was a blessing.

Here are some images of Graham’s first few days from when we stayed in the hospital for Andrea to recover from her C-Section.

Graham only five minutes old.

Me holding Graham for the first time.

Snuggled in a Blanket

Getting warmed up

 First Nap on Mom

My 4th of July Hat!

 Meeting Grandma Allie

 Relaxing on my tummy

 Meeting Aunt Mandie and Cousin Emily

 Meeting Great Aunt Sandie

 Emily holding Graham

 Meeting Aunt Kerri and Uncle Matt

Getting some nap time in after all the visits.